Lost, Late or Damaged

If a book is lost or damaged the patron is responsible for the cost of the item, a processing fee, and any fines. The standard processing fee is $2 per book or $5 per DVD or CD. At the time of payment for a lost item, a receipt will be given.  If the item is returned in good condition with the receipt before the end of three months, the cost of the item will be refunded to the patron.  The processing fee will not be refunded.

Non-returned items: Patrons will receive notices by email, mail, or telephone warning them that they have overdue library material.  If overdue library material is not returned 30 days beyond their due date, they will be billed for the item.  The bill for items not returned normally includes a standard replacement fee generated by the circulation system.  Staff will adjust the standard replacement fee, either up or down, for items that are available for purchase.

If the item is not returned or paid for within the 30 days after the due date the Library will then notify the offending patron through certified mail that they have an additional 15 days to return the library items in good condition or pay for the unreturned items.  This letter of warning will also inform the patron that if the matter is not resolved in the allotted time period the library will then choose to have the police retrieve the items and/or request that the Police Department issue a citation for the cost of the items, payment of fines, and reimbursement of the cost to mail the certified letter plus a court fee as listed under State Statue 943.61.

If you have lost or damaged a library item please talk to a staff member right away.  It is common for items to get lost or damaged and the staff members are more than happy to help you with the problem.